What do terrorists really want?

I have been quietly mourning the passing of Boxing legend, Mohammed Ali and football great, Stephen Keshi and generally pondering on the brevity of this life we live.

You see, no matter how long a person stays on this side, it is never truly long enough once they are gone; it therefore makes sense to spend this life preparing for the next. And even if you do not believe in the After life, why not live a more worthy and useful life here serving humanity and being grateful for the life you have? Which brings me to my point for this article

What do terrorists actually want?

When a person takes a gun or bomb or other killing device and shoots a roomful of complete strangers who have done them no personal harm, I begin to wonder. It looks to me like the world has been getting progressively more crazy since 9/11. But even insanity is not sufficient explanation for what is happening. After all, there are plenty of insane people harmlessly wandering the streets and minding their own crazy business!

One is tempted to say America should put its acts together, but no, this is not an American thing. Terror has become a global business and a fast growing one at that. World leaders look on helplessly as city after city is infiltrated and brought to its knees. Lives are cut short, children left motherless or fatherless, and our world as we know it is being rapidly eroded while we watch helplessly!

So, what do these terrorists really want?

I do not believe it is about religion or lifestyle; I think that is just an excuse for stupidity of the highest order. These people are not religious, except if you count pure evil as a religion. I think what we are seeing is the anger of the devil at how short the time is left for him to continue to rule before Jesus comes for his own. I think we are witnessing the end of the end times as predicted in the Bible. And I doubt if the terrorists themselves understand the role they are playing in the fulfillment of prophecies.

My heart goes out to all the victims and to an American society that has once again been hit by a force beyond human comprehension

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