What Do women Want In A Man 2

Okay, we will continue as promised, from where we left off. But perhaps I should add a little disclaimer? My views in this post are not necessarily a reflection of my own or anyone else’s marriage. I may use real life examples but will indicate when I do. It is not an indictment or endorsement of anyone. If anyone feels hurt by this, please ask yourself if there might be a shoe pinching you somewhere; I will never intentionally hurt or harm anyone by what I write. I will not aim to please you either! I am a Christian and most things I write are guided and guarded by my Christian beliefs, but this is not a sermon. And last but not the least, it is not the view or opinion of the Ministry where I serve as a marriage counselor. These are my views based on observations and reflections over the years. And hey!, this is meant to be fun and lighthearted (though never a lie!) Phew!

We were talking about TDH;nsome of us back in secondary school swore we would never marry a short man no matter how rich he was! He had to be so tall that those of us who were very close to the ground would almost require ladders to grab a kiss! some of us did get TDH in later life but that’s not what a woman needs.

2. Adnan Kashogi- Please forgive me for my archaic terminologies but I grew up in a different time. We referred to the rich guys as Kashogi (not quite sure of the spelling and do not want to wake google up). Anyway, in addition to TDH, we wanted the guy to be extremely rich! So rich that he could buy us the moon if we wanted or take us to Hawaii for breakfast, London for lunch and of course nighttime had to be in Paris! But now I know, that’s not what a woman needs.

3. A tireless sex machine- The men might be surprised that women fantasize about such things but, oh well, that is definitely not what a woman needs.

4. A Romantic- the type who buys flowers, remembers every birthday, buys jewelry three times everyday (he is Kashogi remember?) and sings like Barry White.  The man who wakes you up in the morning with a kiss and says things, “I will give you the moon if you’ll only let me carry you to the bathroom and scrub your back”. “I gave you my heart and soul the day I met you, and now I need your permission to live”! Nah, that’s not what a woman needs. No, not all!

5. Love-Huh? should this be on this list? isn’t love the real deal? Have I lost my pebbles? Please hold on before you hiss and call the psychiatrist or my Pastor. Love? what is love? Is this what a woman needs in a man? Which type of  love? Let’s leave on the list of things a woman does not need in a man and go on to what she does need!


1. Leadership



4. Leadership

5. Leadership

I know that is not what you expect but this is what I have observed and this is what we are going to discuss and examine. I know some people will hiss and throw virtual stones at me but that’s alright too. All I ask is, wait till the end of this story!

I’ll be back soon…

4 thoughts on “What Do women Want In A Man 2”

  1. I’m waiting to see where this is going, but i can’t help but totally agree with the “5” things listed above as what a woman needs in a man. It’s really sickening and causes complete chaos when men become laid back and fail consistently to take their God given roles as leaders.

    … i think i’ll enjoy coming along with you on this journey

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