What Do Women Want In a Man?

This topic arose out a discussion we had on one of our Blackberry groups recently. What does a woman want/need in a man? What is that one quality that he needs to develop in order to attract and keep the woman of his dreams? Why do some marriages seem like Heaven on Earth and others appear to be “mini hell-fires?”

I will not claim to be an expert on these questions and I hope that you, my dear reader will add your views to educate us. I have been married for a good number of years. I have also been priviledged to watch married people closely. in addition I have received and still receiving world class training as a marriage counsellor. None of these qualify me as an expert; but it does mean that I watch couples and marriages and I listen to women talk, and men too!

So what does a woman need? I will use need rather than want and sometimes interchangeably. Our wants differ with different circumstances but our needs are usually more or less constant. let me start by stating what a woman does not need.

TDH- Tall, Dark and Handsome. I grew up in the Mills and Boon generation of TDH. We thought that if a man was tall, dark and handsome then all was well with our World…to be continued tomorrw 

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