What’s the temperature?

My son and I go out walking/running every morning. Usually we walk together up to a point and he takes off running. I continue walking till I meet up with him at the half way point, then we turn back and walk home.

We do between 3-5km every morning. It’s a nice scenic walk, mostly along a quiet tree-lined avenue. The walk serves a dual purpose: we bond and of course we keep fit.

In the past month, the weather has been getting colder because of the harmattan winds blowing in from the North, and the early morning temperature drops as low as 16-19 degrees Celsius (cold for my part of the world)

Leaving the warmth of my bed for a run at 6am is not always enticing but we do it anyway. Whenever we set out, I am tempted to go back home and put on warmer clothes but I resist the temptation.

I shiver for the first half kilometre and then I would start feeling warm, by the halfway point I would be sweating profusely, glad that I resisted the temptation to dress warmer. For several days, I believed the temperature rose higher between when we left home and when we got to the sweat point.

A few days ago, I decided to note the temperature at both points. I was surprised to see there had been no change at all in the weather between home and sweat point. The external temperature was exactly the same as it was when we left home.

That’s when it hit me.

I was the one changing the temperature by my actions. My brisk walk pushed the cold away and kept me warm, and even hot. It didn’t matter how cold it was on the outside, I had the power within me to change my temperature. I could stay home and be cold, walk slowly and shiver, or step out, walk/jog briskly and move up the temperature around me.

I didn’t need warmer clothes and better weather, all I needed was to move up the pace.

It’s 2020 in a few hours, what’s the temperature going to be all year round?


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