When nothing makes sense…

First it was skype, and then it was Facebook. Yahoo, then google. BBM, then WhatsAPP; and so on and so forth. The innovations seem to be coming so fast we can hardly keep up with the pace. Some didn’t quite make it past launch phase, some died in dreamland, and yet others keep re-inventing themselves. Time was in this country when Nokia was the phone to own or die. Everybody, well, maybe not everybody, owned one and you did not ‘belong; if you were a non-Nokia user. Some unnamed company took advantage of the opportunity and came out with “Nockia” phones and if you could not afford a Nokia, at least you could go for Nockia, what’s in a name after all? And then came BB, and they all went wild! Then Samsung woke up from it’s slumber and the rest they say is history? maybe not quite…

So is this post about phones and gadgets? No, it is not, or maybe it is. I’m not so sure anymore because suddenly nothing seems to make sense; in the tech world and in the real World where everyday humans live. The tech world is reeling with the news of the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook for a whopping $19bn! Are you kidding? How do these people arrive at these figures? How does it even begin to make sense to a person like me? So I turn my head from tech to politics in my country Nigeria and I’m in shock.

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is removed as Governor of the Central Bank? What was his offence? I thought he was doing the right thing? Now, whose report do I believe? The president, the opposition? Boko Haram claims to hate all things Western yet uses Western guns to kill and then transmits via Western media to the very people they claim to hate? Why not use bows and arrows? Why not move around with camels and donkeys? ‘Does not make sense, not by a long shot. My president is fighting corruption and his wife uses the presidential jet? Africans refuse to legalize same sex marriages and the West threatens to withhold aid? A man marries a man and wants to adopt a child? Why?

Just not making sense to me at all today. My head is spinning from the senselessness of it all! So, I’m taking refuge in the only thing that still makes sense and always will- the Bible!


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  1. There’s just so much to comment on, from a constantly eveolving tech-world that tends to determine our social lives to the political atmosphere where “winner takes it all”. We’ll get there someday: a Nigeria where the common man is relevant and one in which national interest is the basis for seeking political positions.

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