While we wait.

I was at the airport a few days ago on my way to someplace important. I set out promptly with almost two hours to go before my flight. I checked in my bags and got to the departure,lounge all with time to spare.

Then the announcement came. My flight would be delayed by an hour.

Oh well!

I didn’t want this wait. I was going somewhere, and I had my schedule all planned out. Besides, I was in great discomfort from an upset stomach, and I just wanted to get on that plane and fly.

So what did I do?

I waited. I could not force that plane to be on time. I could not call the airline or the pilot or the crew. I just sat down and waited, discomfort and all.

And while I sat there I looked around at the December crowd of people waiting. I reflected on the fact that I would never ever see most of them again no matter how long I live. And I wondered what their life stories are. I wished I could go to each person in that airport lounge and ask why they were traveling and what they were thinking as they waited. Where they missing a loved one? Did they wish they had hurried less only to end up waiting at the airport? Did they leave an unkissed wife/husband at home? A crying child? An unfinished budget in the office? I guess I will never know.

And I continue to wait..

So it is with our lives. We hurry and leave things undone, and we end up waiting for stuff to get done. Sometimes we think we are totally in control because we have done all we can, and then life makes you wait.

While we wait can we reflect on what’s truly important? Can we stop and smell roses sometimes or wipe a runny nose for a child.

While we wait can we take the time to be kind? Share a candy with a total stranger and just remember to be human? Waiting could be a good thing if we take the time to visit our insides while we wait. Don’t lose the beauty of the times of waiting and wish it went faster. Don’t hurry up and wait either.

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