“You did a marathon?”

Okay, so maybe not, a marathon, a half marathon but then a distance much longer than any I ever did.

For about three years I have been announcing a desire to run a marathon. I said it in jest and in earnest (you will have what you say). Eighteen months ago I joined a group of women who do marathons and generally push the body to the limits in physical fitness. I trained on and off; changed some habits, worked on personal discipline and tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As my birthday drew near, I started to develop cold feet. I knew I was not ready. I had done insufficient training, I had fallen off the food wagon and I was not fit for a marathon. But then an opportunity came to register for an official race so I did, and paid the required fee.

I still didn’t feel ready; too many things were happening in my life and my physical state was in no shape for a marathon, so I signed up for the half marathon, but even at that, there was every reason to opt out.

Come race day, I got up, dressed up and showed up. I started my race, and I finished it. Half marathon? check! Full marathon? Loading..!

This is one of the most significant things I have done for myself lately and I am ecstatic. I learnt so much about me, the race and my city. I will be blogging about the lessons from my half marathon in the next few days. I’m enjoying the look of disbelief on people’s faces when I tell them I did a marathon; most of them go, “you did a marathon?”

Well, it was half, but it was 21 kilometres of mental bliss!

Stay with me..Halfmary

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